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Welcome to UP Tactical and Public Safety. Our Mission is to provide the best equipment at the best prices.  The gear and tools we carry are designed and produced with the most demanding end users in mind. Everything we carry is tested and has been found to be the bestin its quality and function.

We cater to:
Military Personnel
Law Enforcement
Others who need gear they CAN and WILL bet their life on!!!

We are also coming out with Airsoftt Force on Force training gear sales and rentals.

As this site is brand new, please bear with me. I don't have the e-commerce area set up yet, but I am happy to help out via

Also if you would like to be put on our e-mail list we will keep you notified of updates.



UP Tactical and Public Safety is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Gallant Marketing, LLC

UP Tactical and Public Safety

High-Speed Gear for those whose lives depend on the best